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Many of you are new friends.  I’m more than just Annie. I’m Annie Blossom, to be precise.   Serendipitously nicknamed in infancy, by my Grandma, who kept a bursting flower garden in the small spaces surrounding her urban apartment, and taught me to appreciate even the spring “weeds” (which is why my dog’s name is […]

This 2011 image of Cornell University’s library has me thinking back to 5th grade, when I read books other than the non-fiction sort.  I was reading Babysitter’s Club, Judy Blume, and Choose your own mysteries when I was in Ms. Beverly K Littau’s class.  She was the first teacher who demonstrated that she understood the […]

Join University of Minnesota’s project with me! Let’s provide data, together, to show ourselves and the world of research what nature can do! The survey is simple. Go to:  What you’ll be signing up for: a daily email with suggested nature activity, video, and links. The purpose of Nature Heals 30×30 is to: *Call […]

Happy September! I want you to meet another lovely lady I serve in my blog this week. She is a recreational therapist, photographer, and avid ornithologist (bird lover). She works part time on a psychiatric unit for geriatric patients aged 55 and over.  Her typical client has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, dementia, or […]