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    I seldom get enthralled with a building, but when I do, it’s because of the view from the top.  This weekend I was on Tucker’s Tower built by the CCC as a governor’s getaway at Lake Murray State Park. Our campsite was at Buzzard’s Roost adjacent to it.  When I looked at the website to try to pick a campground ahead of time, I didn’t want to stay at this one, because I didn’t want to look at a building, but the nature center and interpretive signs in the tower did a great job of pulling me in and educating me.  The tower wasn’t just a building anymore, it was a reach symbol of history and hard work.  I will try to appreciate buildings more in the future. This one will always have a special place in my heart now though because I experienced it with a wonderful, nature loving friend!   

Join University of Minnesota’s project with me!
Let’s provide data, together, to show ourselves and the world of research what nature can do! The survey is simple.

Go to:  http://umnnatureheals30x30.com/.  What you’ll be signing up for: a daily email with suggested nature activity, video, and links.

The purpose of Nature Heals 30×30 is to:
*Call attention to an accessible and equitable form of self-care and stress management
*Improve quality of community mental health
*Generate a critical discussion around public health as created with nature in mind

Just so you know, I don’t even know the person doing this research project, I just think it’s awesome.  Share your experiences with us on facebook or in the comment section!

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