Many of you are new friends.  I’m more than just Annie. I’m Annie Blossom, to be precise.   Serendipitously nicknamed in infancy, by my Grandma, who kept a bursting flower garden in the small spaces surrounding her urban apartment, and taught me to appreciate even the spring “weeds” (which is why my dog’s name is Buttercup). Daddy always got “Boogervillas” (we like to play with words in my family) for Grandma for Mother’s Day and rose bushes were in no short supply for my mom’s special presents–even though the goats ate them to the nub every year. My parents let me get a little 6-pack of annuals that I had an eye for at the Atwoods in the Spring time…to plant wherever and later neglect. And then there was the year of the vegetable garden, sunflowers, squash, and strawberries.  I loved how much my dad enjoyed that food. My little brother and I had the prairies to explore freely in the countryside of northwest Oklahoma. I’m truly one of the lucky ones to have grown up this way. To have been shown the joy of an exhilarating bike ride through a nearby forest. To explore the path through the USDA research station and read stories in forts I wasn’t supposed to build.  I want to share that with you all during this time.  

My heart swells for my neighbors feeling “all the things”… like I’m already running out of stuff to do with my kids or that you feel like you’re going crazy already. I don’t think I have all the answers, but I know I have some resources, knowledge, and experience to share–so if you’re open at all to gardening or seeing the magical wonder and science and beauty of the natural world that surrounds you then you can keep your eyes on this facebook page, this website, this pinterest page, this youtube channel, this linked in account…because this is who I am and I want to share it with you to help you get through this Covid19 crap….heck…life…

I think it will help me, too.  To feel useful and share who I am.  We all need each other, we need to at the very least know that there are other decent human beings out there.  I’ll be your decent human being for the day. I want you to every day, capture some peace in nature and tell me about it in the comments in my blog post.  It will give me something to look forward to. Coming closer during a time of social distancing, that’s my hope for this time. I hope this is a time that you can find a new passion for life and a new way of finding peace in yourself and connecting with nature and that you can teach any children in your lives to do so as well, this might really be a chance for a wonderful experience for them–an opportunity to see a garden go all the way from seed to plate and instill a lifelong passion.  Hollie and I will post tools and share resources and share posts from other friends who are trying to spread similar information, we know some really great people! 

Love & Sunshine,
Annie Blossom

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