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Will Rogers Fall 2015

Will Rogers Fall 2015

I’m Annie, Annie Blossom to be precise. Serendipitously nicknamed in infancy, by my Grandma, who initially instilled my love of flowers in me by keeping a bursting flower garden in the small spaces surrounding her apartment, and teaching me about even the “weeds”.  My dog’s name is Buttercup, and I do not mow my earliest spring weeds in the lawn! Daddy always got Bougainvilleas for Grandma for Mother’s Day and rose bushes were in no short supply for our momma’s presents. My parents always let me get a little 6-pack of whatever flowers I fancied at the garden centers once in the Spring…to plant wherever, to tend or neglect as I saw fit. And then there was the year of the vegetable garden, sunflowers, and strawberries that really got me hooked! My favorite place in childhood was outside, and it still is. My little brother and I had trees and hills and prairies to explore freely in the countryside of northwest Oklahoma. As an “adult”, if I’m not working in the dirt one place it’s in another during my working hours–and at home I’m more sporadic at weeding and watering my perennial only beds that must thrive on neglect and the occasional compliment. I’m enjoying turning our front yard into a vegetable garden in central OKC.  I like to spend time with my husband, pets, friends, and family  – enjoying life outdoors as much as possible through hiking, biking, camping, cooking out, and partaking in some of the less risky water activities such as floating, canoeing, and the recently discovered joy of kayaking–it’s like a hammock in the water.  I have genuine interest in turning my whole city into gardeners, it makes the us nicer, calmer, smarter, healthier, more well rounded–it’s pretty selfish of me. . .

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horticultural therapistHello, my name is Hollie Niblett and I studied horticultural therapy because my name is so botanical. No, not really, but it is a funny coincidence. Actually, my first degree is in cultural anthropology. Once that was done, I thought, not knowing anything about the plants, flowers and trees around me really bites. So I went right back and got another degree in horticultural therapy. Since then I’ve had some of the coolest jobs: managing a greenhouse program with kids at an alternative school, creating gardens with children, designing sensory gardens, working with juveniles in trouble. A few years ago I started in the field of sales and marketing and more recently threw my hat in as as an entrepreneur: writing, photographing and designing my way through life in Costa Rica, an incredible adventure I share with my husband, Brian and daughter, Maya. I grew up in Oklahoma City and have some great memories from home, but, wow, the sheer amount of vegetation and diversity in Costa Rica has been incredible to experience and live among. I’ve been like a kid in a candy store since we moved here in August, 2013.  Living in this environment, I have discovered a new depth to the sheer wonder and complexity of nature, and all the living things in it. I will bring this sense of awe with me, we all will, when we return to the United States later this year for the next stage of our adventure.  Pura vida!

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